Please respond if you have a specific paint, primer and/or paint sprayer that you'd recommend that fits the bill for this project!

I've recently purchased a home that was decontaminated from meth and I plan to live in it soon and use it later as a rental. I'm going to follow the EPA voluntary guidelines for meth lab cleanup which includes washing and sealing the walls. The washing has already been done by a certified decontamination company and the house has passed state regulations. So, the project that needs to happen before I can move in is painting all walls, ceilings and cabinets in a 1400 sq ft home. I'm looking for input on two items: choice of paint sprayer and choices in paint & primer.

The guidelines recommend encapsulating interior surfaces using oil based paint, epoxies or polyurethane, in multiple coats and using a paint sprayer rather than a roller. It also recommends using a primer that will not "deteriorate over time."

I see a Krause & Becker 5/8 Hp airless paint sprayer kit at Harbor Freight and without other recommendations, will likely go with it. I am not sure if all spray painters work for all types of paint or not. Please share if you have experience.

Thank you!