Trying to move into an old house in Phila., PA. Property was vandalized, copper tubing removed from basement. After begging & borrowing we found someone to help. It looks like X-mas with red and white PVC's running across bsmt ceiling. Major problem with tying indoor pipes from basement to street. Pipes from street cannot be PVC. I didn't know PVC could be used, I've only seen copper or galvanized pipes. This is a row home on a narrow street with about 50 attached properties. I have COPD and cannot spend much time in bsmt. While I really appreciate the help with zero funds, faulting resporitory system of my own (COPD)and folks with incompatable brain cells trying to assist, I am pretty close to losing what's left of my mind! Please help. I may be reached at 215-475-0112-cell or e-mail. This 2-story, 3 bedroom approx. 1200 sq. ft house was built around 1920 or better. I have a real estate license so I am semi-educated regarding housing issues, however, I'm a 54 yr old divorced female, desperatly seeking BOB the plumber for my next husband!