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    Do you want/need to replace the siding or have broken parts of it hanging around? If not, don't give it a thought. Asbestos is actually fantastic stuff, and your insurance agent will tell you as much. It doesn't burn, it is made into products that take paint well and it is a fantastic insulator. Asbestos only becomes a problem when it is being removed or has become compromised. A bigger concern would be asbestos insulation on old radiator pipes as the pipes are probably old enough to need to be replaced and you will have the extra cost of the abatement.
    Some of it is coming off and has been removed from the back of the house (nails and small pieces still apparent). I just don't like the way it looks. We are very close to the Delaware River and get very cool and moist air drafts, so I am looking at some kind of siding that will help with that. Any advise or tips would be awesome!!

    Thank You
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