I have a scenario with multiple questions, so I'm hoping someone can give me advice. First off, let me state that my house is 119 years old and there is some active Knob and Tube (K&T) circuits left on the 2nd floor/attic.
My idea is to add a bathroom fan (without a light, just a fan) to the 2nd floor bathroom where there is no exhaust fan currently. As of right now, I have two wall scones for lights in the bathroom that are powered by K&T wiring from a switch as well as a GFCI outlet in a 2-gang box. What I want to do is:
1. Put in a combo switch in existing gang-box (one switch for scones, one for fan) & leave in place the outlet.
2.Run a new, separate NM power feed from a nearby bedroom outlet with NM cable to the 2-gang box to power the GFCI & newly installed fan separate.
3.Use the existing K&T feed to power 2nd switch which will power the scones only.
Currently, the existing feed is K&T that feeds both the GFCI and lights, so I have two blacks and one white wire in my Gang box. After adding the combo switch, the 2nd NM power feed, and the NM load wires going back to the Fan, I fear I might have too many wires in a 2-gang box as well as possibly a single white neutral K&T wire floating.
Any Ideas or advice (other than calling an electrician)? Can I have two circuits in one gang-box? I would like to have the fan and GFCI on its own, new, NM circuit to reduce the load on the existing K&T. I would like to avoid powering the new fan off of the K&T circuit. I also need to leave the K&T wiring to the lights in place if possible, being it would be extremely difficult to replace the wiring in the walls. Thanks!