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    Default Replacing A Toilet Fill Valve

    Sorry for posting before doing my research . . .

    Tonight, I discovered that a Fill Value is spraying water when filling; the water is exiting through the flush handle.

    I've replaced a Fill Valve before (with a flex supply hose), but this new to even if it's standard.

    This one has 1/4" chrome-finish solid pipe, withe compression fitting on the fill valve and the supply shut off value.

    I assume I can't reuse the 1/4" solid pipe, even with a new compression fitting to a new fill valve tower (the fitting looks like it's also a reducer).

    I want to the keep the supply valve, which is also compression fitted to the inlet pipe from the wall.

    What should I do (besides dj1 telling me to call an expensive plumber in No. VA).


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    Default Re: Replacing A Toilet Fill Valve

    They make flex hoses available at the big box stores. They run about $5 Be sure to get the right one on each end. It can be confusing.

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    Default Re: Replacing A Toilet Fill Valve


    You don't need to call an expensive Washington DC plumber for this type of work. A skilled handyman will do. Besides, don't you want to stimulate the economy a little bit?

    Regardless, the 1/4" tubes are slowly vanishing, very few use them. Choose a flex, as HR said. Make sure you get one that say "closet".

    You can do it, they can help.

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