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    Exclamation Transition Too Wide for T Molding

    I'm installing a Pergo laminate floor in my kitchen. The opening between my kitchen and the family room is 88 inches wide, but the T modling that Pergo supplies is only 78 inches long. What is the best method for splicing two sections together so that it will withstand the foot traffic? I've tried emailing Pergo, but received no answer.

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    Back cut the longer piece at a 30* angle, so that the toe of the cut is on the bottom edge. Now cut your short piece at the mating angle and install.

    For a better visual, when you lay the long molding on the floor, you want the bevel cut to go from the top surface to the bottom surface, parallel to the floor, again, the toe or point of the cut will be on the bottom. The short molding will be cut in the same manner, only with the point on the top of the molding.
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