Greetings, all. I've been pondering on a metal shed as additional storage for a riding mower and things like that, but have almost talked myself into building a modified lean-to that I can still put a lock on. Building code is clean and green. I've tried to make this post easy to read and understand. Here's the deal..........

I have a 16x20 stick shed that sits on skids, and the skids are on concrete blocks, so it sits a good ten inches off the ground. This shed is pretty well full of "stuff." I want more room for storage, but mostly want easier access to the riding mower and things like that, so I want a different shed for those things. I also want the entry lower to the ground so I don't need ramps. At one time I was going to build a ramp for the existing shed, but now it's getting full and I'm rethinking that. I currently use truck ramps, and store them out of the way when they're not in use. Directly beside the existing shed, inches away, is a 10x16 concrete pad, where a shed used to be. I want to use that pad as a foundation for a second shed, and a metal shed is fairly quick to put up and fits our budget. I don't much care to tie a new building into the existing shed because I'm worried about the existing shed settling. I'm also leery of the cost. Maybe the settling thing isn't a issue I need to worry about, but I still had two other issues I couldn't figure out.

One: I'm 6' 2" and don't like the door height of the sheds I've looked at, but I feel like I'm pretty well stuck with what's offered because the sizes I'm looking at don't have many options. That lead me to thinking about sitting 4x4's on the concrete, where the outside walls will be, and sitting the shed on them, which would make the door higher and still leave a concrete floor and I still wouldn't need a ramp. I think that attaching 4x4's to the concrete and attaching the shed to the 4x4's would be plenty sturdy , but haven't figured out what to do about the gap it will leave at the bottom of the doors. I'm also concerned that if the doors aren't attached at the bottom it won't take much of a wind to make them fail. I could frame across the bottom of the doors, but that would defeat the purpose because it would leave the door opening at the same height. If there isn't a real solution, then it is what it is and I'll live with whatever door height I end up with.

Two: I'm concerned about moisture problems. The side of the shed that's next to the concrete doesn't get much direct sunlight, so it gets power washed every couple of years to remove mold and mildew. We also paint when it needs it. I want the door of the new shed to open on the same side as the door on the existing shed, and that means the roof of a new shed will direct rain onto the side of the existing shed. Direct runoff, no sunlight, and a small gap between the two buildings won't be good.

I've toyed with the idea of siding the existing shed, thinking moisture wouldn't matter as much on siding as compared to wood, but then finances rears it's ugly head. I don't know if that would be the best solution anyhow. I don't think gutters would really be the solution either. One option is to put most of the shed on the pad and leave a foot or two hang over the grass, then fill in that part inside the shed with gravel. That would give me the size wanted and also give access to the wood shed, but then again it was just a passing thought because I don't really like that idea either.

I've also considered setting a 10x14 (or larger) shed somewhere else, but want to keep the open spaces I have, and really like the idea of using the existing concrete pad.

As I was typing away and trying to explain my predicament clearly, I had a thought.... a lean-to... but not open to the front. If I turn it around and sit the opening against the existing shed there wouldn't be a moisture problem. The roof can sit at the wall of the existing shed, but below the roof overhang of the existing shed. Rain would come off the existing roof, onto the lean-to, and away from both sheds. I can maintain the wall of the existing shed. I can anchor the new shed to the concrete slab. I won't need to tie into the existing shed. I can have whatever size door I want. Hmmmmm. I'll have to sketch that out to see what it might look like, and then pencil out the cost. It might still be out of my reach.

If nothing else I'll get a shed just big enough for the riding mower and set it on the opposite side of the concrete, away from the existing shed. At least the rider will be out of the way and I might be able to do something better and more permanent later, like three or four years down the road.

After I post this I'm going back to looking for older threads about sheds. In the meantime, will anyone share any ideas or thoughts about the lean-to idea as well as my concerns about a metal shed?