I have replaced my main floor toilet bowl last week. The bowl is Alexis Dual Flush High Efficiency Toilet that I got from local Samís club. It appeared to work fine at first impression, however, upon using it for a couple of days, I found a serious problem that I can not bare with.
When I flush the toilet, water splashes so severely that water (and what is in the bowl of course!) goes all over the places.
Investigating the problem, I found that there is a lot of air pushing out from the hole that is located at the bottom of bowl (there are two ways for water to come out of reservoir when toilet is flushed, one is around the perimeter at the top bowl, and the other small hole located at the bottom of bowl? You know what I am trying to say?)
Further assessing the toilet on why there is an air entrapment in the bowl is that it looks like all of the water left in the bowl after each flush (that keeps sewer gas) slowly sucked out of the bowl within 2 ~ 3 minutes! No, water is not siphoning out. There is about 6 inch deep of water in the bowl. Once the water flow settles and stops after flush, I can see the left over water is slowly, slowly disappearing. I think this is due to the vacuum from sewer gas vent is actually sucking the water out.
So after all of this left over water in a bowl is gone, now youíve got the airway! And air is introduced inside the toilet. When the toilet is flushed, the air inside gushes out, make splash water (and those other things!) all over the place.
Leaving no air barrier between the bowl and sewer gas vent actually leaves me second concern on the heating/air conditioning of the house, as warm/cool house air continuously sucked out of house. However, my primary concern now is that I can not use this toilet without fear of water (and those things!) splashes all over the place every time I flush it. This has never happened with old bowl that is already long gone. And I donít really want this bowl taken out and back to the store yet. Please help us so that we can relieve ourselves in peace!!!