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    Default Looking for valves, fittings cast iron radiators

    I have a two-hundred yr old house with a hot-water, cast iron radiator system. One of the valves as failed and a spud elbow has cracked.

    I searched the Internet but haven't found anyone who has them for sale. I looked up some catalogs of the manufacturers whose names were cast on my fittings but they have changed the design; the spud joint is shallower and the face-to-face dimensions are shorter.

    In any case I would prefer to stay with original equipment for historical reasons.

    If anyone knows someone who is remodeling their homes and replacing their cast iron radiators, I would appreciate contacting me.

    Nicholas Geti

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    Default Re: Looking for valves, fittings cast iron radiators

    If I'm understanding, the problem would be that the different elbow length would interfere with placing the radiator because the hole in the floor would now be off position by some fraction? So either enlarge the floor hole where it is (if in a slab this would be intractable) or borrow an old elbow from another location where altering the floor hole would be less of an issue. As hard as it is to withdraw these old fittings (even if they are closer to 100 years of age than 200) it makes it a riskier option.
    As a last resort, maybe something could be cobbled together out of fittings, nipples and elbows and a union. (oh my!)
    Remove not the ancient landmark, which your fathers have set.

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    Default Re: Looking for valves, fittings cast iron radiators


    There are a number of local & national dealers in new and used radiator parts that you should be able to tap---you'll have to do a search using some of the companies that deal in rad parts---these include the traditional heating system parts suppliers: Consult the Yellow Pages under Heating Equipment & Systems--parts & supplies; Plumbing Supplies-used; Bell-SimonSupply., RE Michel co., SidHarvey, Grainger, pex supply; patriot supply.

    Since you live close to NYC, there should be lots of new & used parts yards that specialize in rads & rad parts--the larger cities of the North & Northeastern parts of the U.S. have a concentration of cast iron rads dating back for over a century, that you wouldn't see in other parts of the country; so there should be lots of available parts hanging around---new & used; NYC especially has clung to continued use of cast iron rad heating systems in the burroughs, and the specialty parts houses that support this type of heating.

    Also consult the Yellow Pages under Salvage Companies, Demolition Companies, Building Demolition, Junk Yards, Scrap Metal---junk yards & scrap metal dealers are getting a lot of cast iron rads that tend to hang around in their yards these days because there's an increased demand for all metals recently; go to your local public library to access a copy of the NYC Yellow Pages--they should have a large number of dealers of cast iron rad parts. in NYC supports greater NYC residents who have steam & hydronic heating systems & constantly has posts in their forum for available radiator parts from discarded rads; click onto their "search box" & enter "radiator parts" to get to their forum and forum archive.

    Many times a part bought on-line will be less expensive than if bought locally; and you can often get free shipping for the part as well.
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