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    Default My ceiling heaters are dormant

    Help...I have electrical ceiling radiant heating panels. This is system from the early 60's with the heating panels attached to the ceiling dry wall then plastered over. The system works well with the exception of my living room.I have replaced both the cercuit breaker and the thermostat. I have continuity through the coil system with a resistance of about 24 ohms. When my thermostat calls for heat I see 120 VAC to ground going to and from the heating elements but I can't "feel" any heat anywhere on the ceiling. The panals used to heat "occationally" but they've been on the fritz the last month or so.The rest of the rooms in the house work GREAT. any suggestions will be "warmly" received. Mickey
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    Default Re: My ceiling heaters are dormant

    Looks like this long cold wave is too much to handle. I think you're looking at replacement.

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    Default Re: My ceiling heaters are dormant

    It's pretty remarkable that they lasted as long as they did, they have a track record of eventual failure.
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    Default Re: My ceiling heaters are dormant

    Mc, have you lifted the wires off the circuit breaker to measure the 24 ohms? The value should show "Open or infinate) if you adjust the thermostat to a cold temp. or off.

    Since: I=E/R (I-amps E=volts R=ohms) I=240/24 =10A

    10A is not a very big load and the resistance value will get much larger as the element get hot. I suspect a bad heating element or connection.

    Also, compare the 24 ohms to a room that is working OK, if it's about the same size and AFTER you let the heating elements cool. I'll bet it's a lot lower than 24 ohms.
    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
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