I'm trying to put a budget together to convert an old kitchen into a master bathroom and need a ball park estimate for rough-in work. When we built our addition, our plumber charged approximately $400 per fixture/drain rough-in work.

I don't want to waste a plumber's time coming out here to look at it, but I'm sure there has to be some rule of thumb to figure out what it might cost. I'm assuming its easier and better to cap off the old galvanized pipes than to try to tap into the old stuff. I can also open the floor in the room to make it easier for a plumber to do the work.

Our new addition is all Pex tubing and I want to continue it to the new bath. I'm planning on a bath tub, shower, toilet and double sink. The house was built in 71 and the room in question is right near the new water line and septic drain.