no worries. locally my hd has hired several guys who know their stuff, i have no quarrels asking them about tools but as for materials no thanks.. . most of the work i do is high end custom stuff which means not buying through big box stores.

the last thing i asked them was about the paslode 18 gauge nailers that were marked down in price quite substantially.. wondering if they were getting rid of the paslode line because id buy 2 of em right now if i had the cash on the paslode f 18-200 18 gauge is easly the best mass produced pinner on the market.. all the other guns are junk.. basically said if i cant get that gun in 6 months im switching to the grex green buddy which ill have to buy ******.. he never heard of grex.. or occidental leather toolbelts or stilleto hammers .. (sorry im a hardcore tool junky)