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    Default Leak is a mystery

    We have a leak problem that has plagued us since we moved here years ago and after much effort to find it, I have to admit it is getting the best of us. The front of our house has 4 large windows - 2 outswing french on the ends and 2 fixed in the center--newly installed 3 years ago. The inside bottom of a center fixed window shows evidence of rain damage: the paint on the inside edge is cracked and there is a bit of efflorescence below the window on the wall. What we have done: change out all windows 3 years ago, repaint the entire house with elastomeric paint and reroof this past summer because it was thought that it was entering from the roof and dripping down around the rough framing. Thinking that we've finally done everything, we repainted the interior window and wall a month ago. It rained heavily last night and today I woke up to see the crack and bumpy wall again. Does anyone have a new idea? Has anyone ever heard of or worked with companies that advertise they can find a leak? Thank you for reading this long post.

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    You say that you installed this leaky window 3 years ago and this old leak is still there, so logically you have to look at the installation.

    Like we have said many times before, proper installation is more important than the window brand and type. Some installers cut corners, mess up the flashing and caulking and just do a poor job.
    This could be your problem.

    If this happened to me, I'd open around the window, on the outside, re-do the flashing and finish correctly.

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    Default Re: Leak is a mystery

    What DJ said plus;

    It very well could be the elastomeric paint holds the trapped water inside, making it show up someplace else.

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    Default Re: Leak is a mystery

    So many questions that are important.

    What kind of exterior, brick, vinyl, wood claps, shingles, stucco, etc.?

    What is above the window, roof soffit, gable?

    Any change in exterior above the window like a brick to clapboard for a gable?

    Any roof vent above the window, especially a round one?

    If brick siding, is the weep hole below the window clear?

    Any condensation occurring on the window?

    Window frame material, wood, aluminum, vinyl clad?

    Anything below the window like hose bibb or electrical outlet or supply pipe?

    Gutter above window? soffit? how deep?

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