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    Default Living with Homasote

    I have been renting a house from the 50s that has a number of old Homasote walls. Fortunately, my LL has no problem with me hanging stuff. So far it has mostly been smaller pieces of art, and I've been able to find the (unpredictably placed)studs for the larger stuff. However, now I have a number of art quilts (abut 48" square) I inherited from my late mother and I need to find the best fasteners for hanging them. I am planning to use fairly lightweight cafe rods with brackets. In the past I have had no luck with some of the more common types of anchors. The wall tends to shred or crumble. Any suggestions?
    Thank you.

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    Rather than try to find a particular spot to hang the brackets, try painting or staining a piece of 1x3 wood cut to a suitable length and then mounting the brackets to it. Then locate the studs and solidly anchor the board to the studs. This will allow you an amount of latitude as to where to center the quilts. The board could even be given an antique finish which actually might enhance the quilts.

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