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    My home is on a cement slab, w/ no basement. In my kids rooms there is carpet over the slab. As an inexpensive way to redo their floor, I thought about putting the epoxy flooring used in garages. Can I put ceramic tiles(at a later date) over the epoxy?

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    I don't think you can tile over the epoxy.

    My kids rooms are carpet and padding over concrete slab too. we've thought about using those interlocking tiles they use at work sites but snap and lock garage tiles would work too.

    Honestly, I wouldn't ever tile a child's room. There are too many falls in there and tile is hard. Then when they fling the baseball bat around the room, or drop their marble based academic trophy or drop the jar of food they snuck out of the fridge and it hits a tile well you'll have to replace the broken tile.

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    I don't think you could tile directly over epoxy, but you could lay laminate flooring or wood flooring on top with no problem.

    Good luck!
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