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So is it standard to only have the outlet be half switched? I am in the process of changing out my cloth wrapped romex to 12-2 w/g and want to make sure my one switched outlet is done right.
Looks like I need to buy even more 12/3 to go along with the switch loops I need to improve upon in my bathroom.
I'ts fairly common in LR, BR, Sun Rooms, Dens etc. anyplace you would like to place a lamp and not have to turn on overhead lights, when entering a room.

PS: To stay within Code, be sure to have a neutral in every switch box, even if it's not being used. It allows devices like occupancy sensors to be used.

If you plan it properly, even three and four way switches can be wired with three wire romex and still do this. Just feed the power in one end of the 3w circuit and take the feed to the light(s) from the 3w switch on the other end.