I had a Natural carbonized bamboo flooring installed in 2004, in about 2008 the finish started wearing off in different places in the house. There is a 25 year warranty on wear. Build Direct had sent their own inspector which said I mopped and the flooring had excessive moisture. How can the bedroom have excessive moisture when I spot wipe the floor and have damp mopped the floor 4 times since 2004? I then had 3 different flooring companies come and give estimates to refinish the floor. I did not know these companies and they all said the same thing. The flooring needs to be replaced as the wear is in odd places and they had moisture reading meters and said there was not excessive water at all. They said if the finish was taken off to refinish it would never be able to be refinished and there was no guarantee the floor would do well. Build direct wants to give me $1000. and have me sign a waiver. I realize I had the flooring installed when Bamboo was becoming a fad. Big mistake as I have seen and have been reading the blogs ******. I would never put bamboo flooring in. I can't afford an attorney. Any advise?