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    Default Real wood wall paneling

    I'm moving into my late grandparents old farmhouse! Their dining room has real knotty pine wood wall paneling finished kind of a honey oak color. I don't love it at all, but it was one of their loves so I hate to tear it down or paint it, not to mention it is really beautiful wood....just wish it was maybe on the floor. But....

    Right now, there is really old laminate on the floor that definitely needs replaced. What flooring should I pair with the wood on the walls?? I fell like hardwood would be crazy maybe? How can I make this less 1950s and more today, or even country cabin feeling?

    Any ideas welcome!! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Real wood wall paneling

    It is your house now, I say remodel and update it to reflect your tastes and needs. This does not mean that you have to trash the walls. What I would be inclined to do would be to salvage the wall material and reuse it in another manner, such as make furniture, decoration, or accents out of it. It would depend on how much material you have what you will be able to do with it, but there are few limitations. Reusing the material will honor your grand parent's memories.
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    Default Re: Real wood wall paneling

    I agree with reusing the wood maybe? It would be nice to have something, a piece of furniture maybe, that reminded you of your grandparents without you having to live with something you don't like.
    If not I think a wood floor might be a bit too much, maybe a neutral carpet to soften the room a little?

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