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    Exclamation HELP! Funky ceiling, mold, no clue what i'm doing, pictures!

    I feel like I'm in over my head and I need some direction as to where to begin, er, continue..

    BACKGROUND: Bought (circa 1800's)home 5 years ago, no bathroom fan/vent, never appeared to have any mold. Ceiling always looked "funky" by this I mean, splotchy, not really peeling, but scabby looking if that makes sense?

    PROBLEM: Mold.I posted a few photos.. the photos are after I scrapped the "scabs"... The areas that look yellowish (also have mold) is what was under the "scabbed" paint and the white is the current state of the ceiling. You can see that it looks almost bumpy. I don't see any water damage. I'm thinking that the previous owner just painted over the moldy ceiling and over time the mold is coming through the paint? I don't know. SO NOW I NEED TO KNOW HOW TO PROCEED.

    SOUGHT ADVICE: I called an uncle who remodels homes and he said to scr.ape, bleach, apply joint compound and skim coat, apply Binz/bins(?) then I can repaint with a bathroom paint..

    WHAT I'VE DONE: I applied straight vinegar to the surface prior to scraping thinking it would help kill the mold that was on the surface, but as I scr.aped it was underneath too. I just wiped it down with 50/50 bleach/water. I'm super nervous that I just release mold spores into the air and I'm strongly considering calling a mold speci.alist. Is my family ok (health wise)? Would mold that was treated still be black? Can it survive under paint? EEEK!

    I appreciate any and ALL advice!

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