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    I am installing some handicapped railing to get into the house. There is no stud where I want to install the railings. Any suggestions? Is there a product or something to install into the drywall that will support weight?

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    This type of railing must go into studs, blocks or house framing.

    Cut the drywall from the nearest stud to the stud across and install a 2x4 blockig. Close the wall with the piece of drywall you just cut out and finish it.

    Now you are ready to bolt on your new railing.

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    Another option would be to install a ledger on the wall specifically for the railing. The ledger would be anchored into the studs, then the railing supports can be attached to the ledger. The only issue here could be ADA clearance code, which I think is a minimum of 36" wide walkway.
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    The ledger is a good idea. I'd use 3" deck screws to secure it to the studs going through real lumber, not MDF or molded plastic boards. Spend some money on 6" poplar or oak and router the corners over.

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