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Ceiling paint is usually flat paint as it hides the flaws the best, but not perfectly. Use a light held at a sharp angle to the ceiling to help detect lumps and bumps. Multiple light coats of drywall mud are easier than thick coats and sanding it down.
I agree on the prep work. Although I did apply several coats of mud and sanded in between, I think it would have helped to have the light fixed at the ceiling. I didn't see many of the flaws until the next morning and with the semi-gloss really made my mistakes more prominent.

When I re-work the ceiling, do I need to rough up the areas where I will be applying drywall compound? I'm concerned that the compound won't stick to the paint.

Also, do you have a particular brand of paint that you prefer? I've used everything from Valspar, Bear, Glidden, Kelly Moore and Costco (when they were selling their own paint)?