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    Default C wire on Bryant furnace for Honeywell Wifi thermostat

    I have recently brought a new Honeywell Wifi thermostat and seen that it requires a C wire. My current thermostat currently does not use a C wire, but I see I do have a few extra wires in the thermostat wire that is not connected to anything. I also checked my Bryant furnace and it does have a terminal marked "COM 24v", which as I understand is for the C wire.

    I would just like to confirm any precautions I should know about hooking up this wire to ensure I don't wreck my furnace in any way. I am thinking that there should be no harm in it, but would just like to confirm.

    If you would need any specific information regarding my Bryant furnace, let me know what information you need and I will let you know.

    Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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    Default Re: C wire on Bryant furnace for Honeywell Wifi thermostat

    I did the same exact thing on my Weil Mclain furnace when I converted to a digital thermostat except I didnt have the extra wires so I had to run new thermostat wire.
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