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    Default TV Stand Vs. TV Lift

    I have buy new 46" plasma TV. My wife tell me to buy new TV stand for it. one of my friend refer me to buying TV Lift. So I want to know about features of TV lift and also difference between TV Lift and TV cabinet.
    Waiting For reply.

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    Default Re: TV Stand Vs. TV Lift

    As a name suggest TV Stand is stable thing. and TV lift is not stable. You can move your TV according to your needs while using TV Lift.
    In some TV Lift you can rotate even 360 degree. TV Lift are costlier than TV stand. TV lift are less space consumptive.
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    Arrow Re: TV Stand Vs. TV Lift

    Whether to buy a stand or a lift also depends on space. Do you need the space under the TV for other things? Do you have a small space that you are trying to keep open? Is the space large enough to have a stand and still have room for couches and such?

    Those were my questions when we were debating a TV or a projector screen.

    The projector screen won, just simply because we could use all the floor space we could get.


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    Default Re: TV Stand Vs. TV Lift

    what does this have to do with the Brooklyn project?

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