We're @ our wits end with our Buderus natural gas boiler and logomatic computer - hoping someone here can explain why this 4 year old boiler can't seem to keep a 20' x 24' family room (on a separate zone) at 68 degrees. We have a Cape with 3 separate heating zones - the main house, the basement rec room, and the family room. The heating in main house and rec room zones "stay" wherever the thermostat is set. Can hear them click off and on when temperature drops or reaches the desired temps (main house is set @ 65, and rec room is set @ 60).

The family room thermostat is set @ 68 because this room can easily drop to 66, 65, even 63 in the course of a day. At 6 a.m. today, the family room was a very comfy 68, however by the time we left for work the room was down to 65. We've just returned home from work and the room is down to 63. Why isn't it @ 68??????

There is heat coming from the 4 baseboards in family room - baseboards are located on 4 walls of the family room - not nearly as hot as they were this a.m. when room was 68. Its beyond us how this space drops 5 degrees when the thermostat is set @ 68. And at other times is 68.

We've had the HVAC folks out here a number of times - they've suggested not touching the thermostats (which we don't). They've also said its normal for a room's temp to drop 2 degrees (which would mean 66 is the norm when thermostat is set @ 68?). The family room is on a concrete slab. but the addition is well insulated.

I maintain that if the other thermostats/zone can "heat" the other spaces to whatever the temp is set to, so should the family room.

Any ideas or suggestions. I'm thinking we're wasting a lot of gas when the system "runs" non stop trying to reach 68, but can't get past 63, or 65 or 66. We've taken to heating this space with an electric space heater in the evenings cuz the space is "cold". It seems to "hit" 68 at times no one is in the space.