I have just started to frame out the walls for a storage / sitting room (10x14) in the basement of our 1848 house in New England. Like most things I do I jumped in first then started asking questions.
The basement is fairly dry - it does have a sump pump that's kicked on twice in the 12 years I've lived here. It is large fieldstone walls and during high flood warnings (house is 150 ft from a river) there has been some slight weeping through concrete floor.
The room will have all interior walls, although I may insulate on construction for climate control of wine storage down the line. The basement by itself is fairly effective as it stays cool in summer and the heating pipes (gas powered forced hot water) moderates during the winter. I've already framed two of the walls with 25g metal studs and tracks. I anticipate that this will be a gradual improvement project that may include plaster and rock/brick veneer or reclaimed wood walls, some type of flooring treatment, and possibly a climate control unit for temp and humidity.

My questions:
- was metal studs the right choice or should I have gone w PT wood?
- my biggest question is choice of wall material; green board, blue board, or hardibacker, or some other material I'm not familiar with. My concern is 2 fold 1) if and when moisture is on floor I want to minimize damage to walls and prevent wicking, and 2) will walls be strong enough to work with to hang small items or brace floor standing wine racks
- I used powder actuated nails into cement flooring and framed walls parallel to joists (large 4x6ish beams) right along the joist. The walls perpendicular to beams I guess I'll just attach to bottom of beams across and fill in gaps between with plywood and 2x4s?
- I will have a entrance door that is solid wood and will use PT wood for framing that for added strength.

Thanks for any advice or words of wisdom.