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    Default Squealing shower

    My shower pipes squeal when we have the shower on at moderate pressure. Full blast is too hard for me and feels like it could blow your skin off so we turn it on just below full blast and it squeals. We then turn it down a little at a time until the noise stops and at that pressure it is too soft. I am a renter of a town home built maybe 10 yrs ago and am wondering if there is any sort of easy fix i can do without involving the land lord. And I'm just curious what cause this.

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    Change the shower head.

    Most shower heads these days are "water saver" heads, they have a restrictor washer in them that reduces water flow and pressure. Pull the restrictor out and no more squeal. Some shower heads the restriction is built in and must be enlarged with a drill bit. If you go this route, use a drill bit that is only slightly larger than the hole and test your work, increase the hole gradually until you have no more squeal.
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    You could get a new shower head with pressure control and multi spray patterns and a hose if you like. Save the old shower head so that you can take the new one with you when you leave. Costco has a nice Waterpic model if you have membership.

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