I've been following the plans for built-in bookshelves outlined in the "How to Build a Bookcase" article on thisoldhouse.com, and I have a couple questions:
1) It doesn't mention in these plans if you need to secure the shelves to the frames. It just says to slide the shelves in, and the next step is to add the facing. On some built-in bookshelf plans I found on another website, they have a step to secure the shelves to the frames w/ wood screws once slid into place. Thoughts?
2) Many photos I've found of built-in bookshelves have some sort of backing to them (probably 1/2-ply) that is painted the same color as the shelves. These plans do not have a step to add a back to the bookshelves (i.e. the back will be the wall behind). What is more professional looking? Wouldn't plywood backing add strength to the shelves?