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    Wink Porch cieling beadboards buckled

    I live in a bungalow built a hundred years ago in 1907 in Wisconsin. It has a poch with beadboard cieling. The area above that cieling was open into my attic. This past winter I winterized the attic in preparation for adding living space by having closed cell insulation sprayed into wall cavity (previously unsheathed) that separated porch from house.

    I believe the roof is not leaking as I had it redone a couple years ago.

    This week weather turned warm and some of the beadboard has buckled.

    Now I need to figure out what to do.
    Should I add vents to the porch? If I do is it concievable that boards would shrink eventually. Do I remove buckled wood and trim back and reinstall? I don't want to take it all down if unnecessary.
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    Default Re: Porch ceiling beadboards buckled

    By insulating that area you removed the breathing room for the space above the bead board and moisture collects and builds up in that space when the temperature changes. Vents would be your best option and should solve the problem and, if done soon enough, the boards will dry out again and return to their former shape. Some may not and the only option would be to replace them
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    Default Re: Porch cieling beadboards buckled

    are you sure they didn't buckle when you insulated, from the foam expanding?

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