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    Default Roof sheathing fascia gap

    My 10 year old house in the midwest has atleast a one inch gap between the roof sheathing and fascia. There is also no drip edge or drip edge vent. This runs the whole front of the home, which consists of the garage and front porch (non-living space). There is a soffit with vents; therefore it befudles me why this construction technique would have been used.

    I've started noticing water leaking behind my gutters - no surprise, I know. Why the heck would this have been done? Now I have to find drip edge that is long enough to bridge the I missing something?

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    Default Re: Roof sheathing fascia gap

    are you talking about the fascia's aluminum cladding is short or the actual wood subfascia

    ive seen this before, typically the reason is the person who installed it didnt have the correct size material for the job so it fell short
    fire up the saw and make some dust

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    Default Re: Roof sheathing fascia gap

    I think you did have a drip edge that was removed when the gutters were installed. They do that around here.

    My daughter bought a new house a couple years ago. When she decided to have gutters installed, the gutter contractor told me that they had to remove the 1x2 drip shields to install the gutters. I asked about the bare wood and was told that it would be no problem. I checked with 5 different contractors about this and got the same story.

    I looked at her neighbors houses that had gutters and this was indeed the practice. I took down the 1x2's myself and put three coats of Velspar paint on the fascia before the gutters were installed. at least if they do leak, the wood will have some protection.

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