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    Default attach cast iron fireplace arch to marble

    I live in an old house with marble fireplace mantels. The opening of the fireplace is square and the original design was to have a cast iron arch surround the opening.

    We had these fireplaces retrofitted with a Bellfire fireplace retrofit insert. The installer did a great job and told us that the cast iron arch was actually needed as it made the opening smaller and allowed for a better draw, less smoke etc.

    He attached it with plaster of paris which actually held up surprisingly well, but after 3 years it started to crack and eventually the arch fell off. Since then, I have been reattaching with plaster of paris every year (I guess I'm not as good as he was!) and frankly I'm tired of it.

    So, what else can I use? I was thinking about fire-rope and high temp silicon? furnace cement?


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    Default Re: attach cast iron fireplace arch to marble

    Thin set that is used for tile should work.


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    Default Re: attach cast iron fireplace arch to marble

    If you are trying to attach cast iron to marble, I'd use Latipoxy 310 (not 310R) Its is a high temperature epoxy for tile work, made by Laticrete. They have excellent customer support.

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    Default Re: attach cast iron fireplace arch to marble

    I would take out the insert and wire the arch in place. Drill two holes in the arch like at 10 and 2, and place masonry anchor screws into the firebox behind the screws. Use 14 ga copper wire and twist until it's firmly in place. The iron and stone are going to expand at different rates, and any kind of glue is just going to fight that movement.
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