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I assume Painting is easier & faster than a Stain finish -- is this strue ??
I am required to unpack 75 boxes of books, and need to do it within my remaining lifetime and need to select the faster method.
They will both probably take you about the same amount of time. I personally prefer stain/clear coat finishes because I like the look of wood. IMHO, stain/cc will be much easier than paint. If you go this route, use a "stain only" product first, then top it with a compatible clear coat. I say "stain only" because there are many top coat stains available, but they are more paint-like than stain. I'm not a fan of gel stains either, while being a bit easier to use, they do not have the penetrating abilities of regular stains.

And last bit of advice, if you go with a stain/cc finish, MinWax makes excellent stains, but their top coat products are utter garbage! I am a fan of McCloskies brand polyurethane, General is another good brand.