Question for everyone on this thread who may know the answer:
We were about to replace our radiator in the kitchen with a toekick heater when we were advised by Turbonics that the toekick MUST be on it's own zone with its own thermostat in order to work properly if you're using it to replace a cast iron radiator. Given that we only have one zone in our house for all radiators, this would add a potentially quite expensive wrinkle into our kitchen remodel plans (going with a toekick was far more cost effective than installing underfloor hydronic heat).

So I was wondering if any of you with toekick heaters have them installed on their own zone with their own thermostat or if they are working just fine for you w/out taking that step.

Thank you!!

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I installed the Myson; it's audible on the boost/hi fan setting, but blends into the background noise on the normal setting. The Hi fan speed also cycles on and off too often; plenty of heat on low anyway. It was an awesome subtraction from the kitchen to lose the 36" wide 400lb chunk of cast iron.