Hi all,
I'm new to TOH and I just bought a 1920's Pier and Beam home. The house has significant sloping on one side of the house because of a bad beam (it was not properly installed). There has been shoddy work done to prop up areas in the house so it sags in the corners of the room.

I have 2 estimates from the same contractor and I'm need to make a decision on what is best. Here are the 2 estimates and the work that will be done.

estimate 1
- just fixes the 30 ft wooden beam
- 8 pad & blocks
- 1000 sq fee of re-shim

estimate 2
- fix the 30 ft wooden beam
- 34 pad & blocks

could i feasibly choose estimate 1 and just do the re-shim for now and re-shim the rest of the house on a as needed basis? Is this something I could do or should I hire a contractor to re-shim as needed?