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    Default Removing T-ASTRAGAL

    I need to replace a wood t-astragal from a fixed door. My question is, do I have to remove entire door or just t-astragal? This double door is a out swing door. Striker plates are on astragal. The door was kicked in and broke astragal. Being attached to fixed door I'm hoping that astragal is not secured from under threshold.

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    Default Re: Removing T-ASTRAGAL

    The astrugal should only be attached to the door itself, however it is not uncommon for slide bolts to be mounted within the astrugal to lock the fixed panel in the closed position. The slide bolts would be visible. Other than that, the astrugal should just be nailed in place, carefully run a utility knife behind the "T" and in the seam on the opposite side to cut the paint and caulk that are holding the astrugal to the door, then carefully work a prybar into the joint to separate it from the door edge. Work slowly and carefully along the entire length.
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