I am remodeling my daughters kitchen. No upgrades since it was built in 1947 ! I am getting mixed messages from my research and local electricians on just how many circuits are "required". If this is already answered in layman's terms (not NEC "lawyer speak") please point me in the right direction

I am fairly certain that the NEC requires a 20A, GFCI circuit on each side of the sink. I believe, each circuit can have up to 4 receptacle as long as they are all in the kitchen.

The electrician said the refrigerator could run off of one of the counter top circuits, even though is was on an adjacent wall.

It is a gas stove, but 120V is required for the clock, light and igniter.

I plan on installing the dishwasher, disposer and microwave/hood on cords (3 prong, 16 gauge). Each will have a dedicated receptacle, but then things get tricky.

The electrician specified individual circuits (I believe 15A) for each of the above appliances, which seems like overkill to me.

In my opinion, counter top microwaves run off the standard counter top outlet, so why can't a built in one (with a cord) do the same ?

Again, in my opinion, one 20A circuit should be more than adequate for both the dishwasher and disposer.

If you choose to respond please state if you are a professional and if your responses is based on NEC or local inspectors "requirements" or "best practice".