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    Default silence dripping downspout

    Everytime it stops raining, my wife and I are driven nuts by the constant noise of the dripping downspout in our yard. What can we do to silence this?

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    Default Re: silence dripping downspout

    The continuous dripping is a sign that your gutters:
    1. are not clean, and/or
    2. don't have enough slope for faster drainage.

    Look into these two for possible solution.

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    Default Re: silence dripping downspout

    About the only two things you can do is to either angle the downspout a little so that drips hit the side of the conduit rather than falling all the way to the bottom, or put a wadded up onion sack or plastic mesh dish scrubby into the bottom so that it catches and dissipates the drops. I've done the latter on several occasions. The thing is, if you put something in the downspout, you will need to pull it out periodically to clean out the debris build up in the pipe.
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    Default Re: silence dripping downspout

    I have seen chains attached to downspouts which go all the way to the ground. The water just seems to follow the chain downwards rather than free falling.

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    Smile Re: silence dripping downspout

    Thanks to all who responded to my question. I'll try the dish scrubby idea!

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