I need to install a railing for 2-3 steps at my moms house going from the door to the house to the garage floor. There is a concrete landing/walkway that surrounds the perimeter of the garage, about 3' width, about 4" off the garage floor. There are two concrete steps up from this landing to the door.

What's my best option for a railing here? My considerations:
-stability. I can see that the attachment to the house will help stabilize it in that plane, but I'm concerned about lateral movement. Do I need some sort of L bracket on the outer aspect of the post to stop lateral movement?
-post placement. The landing sticks out a fair bit further than the steps, but I'd like the railing to extend all the way to the garage floor as there is a step down from the landing. So do I need a post at the base of the stairs and a post at the edge of the landing? Or just the landing post?
-post attachments. Best way to attach to the concrete?

Thanks so much for the help.