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    Default Help - brick floors yellowing

    My house was built in 2005. Our Old St Louis brick floors were finished with polyurethane. The "professional" floor guy used the same finish on my wood & brick. My brick floors are yellowing, especially in areas that have been covered by a rug.

    Is there anything besides re-finishing that can make the floors less yellow? (I notice that the floors near my windows are not yellow). If refinishing is the only remedy, what stripper do you recommend? What sealer do you recommend?

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    Default Re: Help - brick floors yellowing

    Poly yellows over time. Stripping and resurfacing is the way to go.

    Follow the instructions of the poly manufacturer for stripping instructions.

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    Default Re: Help - brick floors yellowing

    OIL polyurethane is initially slightly amber and becomes more so with time. A water based urethane will dry crystal clear and remain that way. The water based products also dry and cure much faster and have far less odor.

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