My husband and I are to be getting our entire home insulated this week. Our home is 95 years old and has no insulation. We were going to do the attic, walls, box sills, and crawl space. Where our problem lies, is we were planning on putting up new siding once the insulation was done, but discovered the current siding is red wood. So now we have a couple problems. Once it's insulated, can the plugs be disguised enough by patching, sanding, and painting to hide them? I would love to preserve the siding and certainly save some money as well.

The other question is I have read a lot of information about all the damage that can occur when insulating walls. Naturally they are plaster and I certainly don't need to go around repairing them. The wiring is all updated since we purchased the home, but I can't say for sure that there is knob and tube remnants in the walls. Would we be better off insulating the other areas and leaving the walls alone?