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    Default Attic insulation and ventilation without soffits

    I have an 1890 house with a gambrel-like roof. There is a full third floor but a small crawl space for an attic that I am looking to better insulate and ventilate. There are no soffits or attic fans and little insulation and the third floor bakes in the summer and is cold in the winter. There is an hvac unit in the attic space if that makes a difference. Any input would be much appreciated. I am not a diy-er but want to make sure I do the most effective and green job that will not have to be undone later. Do I put in soffits and attic fans and what type of insulation should be used? Cost is an issue, but quality of job is most important. Thanks for any input or recs in advance.

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    Default Re: Attic insulation and ventilation without soffits

    You should be able to add soffet vents under the Gambrels. Air entering the vents there should be able to rise up into the attic. Then you can use a ridge vent or regular vents at each end of the attic.

    Then you can insulate between the joists in the attic and as budget allows, tear out the walls and insulate those, just don't let the wall insulation block the flow into the attic.

    You might start by crawling over to the edge of the attic and see if there is clearance between the roof sheathing and the space behind the wall in the gambrel before you start. There should be but it is possible that there is not.

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