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    Unhappy slow draining bathtub

    ok I need help with my bathtub drain....the issue is its not draing fast at all .. In fact it takes about an hour to drain.. i have snaked it and the pipe is clean.. as far as i can tell.. I have snaked about 20 feet of it( and no clogs at all ).. I have an older house with brass and copper piping for the drain .. under the floor is a drum trap.. here is what is going on when i looseing up the plug on the drum trap it starts to suck in air( mind you the plug is on the top of the drum trap).. when i remove the plug the tub seems to drain ok.. what is causeing this..The drain pipe is only about 15 feet long before it conects into the main house drain.. I dont have any pictures but i have seen an excample where Richard show you how to replace a drum trap which just about the same set up I have http://www.thisoldhouse.com/toh/vide...2981,00.html:(
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