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    Default Backup Sump Pump

    I have two sump pumps (two separate pits at opposite ends of the house) in my house. I want to add two battery backup sump pumps. I've read mixed reviews on the Watchdog pumps at Home Depot and Lowes. I don't want something where I have to add acid or water to the batteries on a regular basis.

    Can anyone recommend a reliable brand? Nothing too expensive, as I need to buy two of them.


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    Default Re: Backup Sump Pump

    For batteries used under long storage conditions I recommend gel type batteries. I understsand what your saying about not having to worry about the maintenance on Pb/acid batteries. The gel batteries are a tad bit more expensive upfront but they last a lot longer then even deep cell (marine/RV) battery.

    Our local Sams club carries them. You can also find better pricing on-line.

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