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    Default I need info on Home Depot Ceramica DaVinci "Maui" 16x16 tiles

    I have read a lot of posts and it appears many people have experienced the same problem as i have. A few years ago i purchased Ceramica DaVinci "Maui" 16x16 inch tiles from Home Depot. I have been doing some remodeling and have expanded my kitchen by 350 sq ft. I went to Home Depot to buy more tile, but they have no record of even selling this brand. Does anyone know where I may be able to purchase more of these or who the manufacture is? 16" or 12" tiles would be fine. Im trying keep from pulling the tiles up in my kitchen and laundry area. I would appreciate any information on any companies that sell this in the US or any individual that may have the amount of tile i need. I live in the St Louis area, but I have a trailer and I am willing to drive to pick up some tile or have it shipped if that is a possibility. feel free to email me dabedwe1 at hotmail
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    Default Re: I need info on Home Depot Ceramica DaVinci "Maui" 16x16 tiles

    If you've read a lot of posts about this specific tile, you probably know by now that if HD can't help you, nobody can.

    Use new tiles for your addition.

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    Default Re: I need info on Home Depot Ceramica DaVinci "Maui" 16x16 tiles

    If I had a dime for every time someone asked about this tile I'd be a millionaire many times over by now.

    Aside from the fact that Evil Orange is a terrible place to purchase anything, tile and flooring are two of the most volatile components of construction. What is available today won't likely be around tomorrow when you suddenly discover you need a few more feet of it. For that reason, you should always plan ahead by buying plenty of overage for the future, be prepared to use a different material, color, or design, OR be prepared to change everything to a newer style.
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    Default Re: I need info on Home Depot Ceramica DaVinci "Maui" 16x16 tiles

    this topic comes up all the time.. home depot orders their tile in one massive order. once that style is gone its gone.. the only thing you can try to do is go to a tile supplier and see if they have something very close to what you have. tile suppliers do custom orders all the time thats their business. .hd sucks and i mean sucks at custom orders if they do it for you at all

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