I live in a 1925 rowhouse in DC, and am trying to restore my transom windows to working condition. I have unstuck them, and now need to remove them to clean them up and clean up the frame. The transoms pivot on a horizontal axis. The pins protrude about one inch on each side (they are sort of decorative). I've tried everything--pulling both pins toward each other, pushing the pins in toward the frame, pulling the window in an up/outward direction, twisting them the pins, and nothing works. I did eventually remove both pins (upon the advice that if you keep pulling inward, they will come out), but I think they broke (both in the same place), and thus the window is still in place, and can still pivot, but cannot be removed. However, I am not sure whether there is some sort of little pipe the pins go into on the inside of the window and frame--it's hard to tell, but when I try to look in the hole that the pins used to be in, it almost looks like there is some sort of metal tube with what looks like threading on the inside (for screws).

I'm new to the forum, so I can't attach images or link to pictures. Any advice on how to get these transoms out without damaging them would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!