I need some help in this one. I am not sure this is the right place to post it, but I will try.

We are looking at finishing the basement in a family cottage. The concrete is in great shape and we are planning on having it tiled. The one problem we have was in a corner where about 2 yrs ago a cat peed. At that time the walls were unfinished and the area was cleaned the best it could be so that the smell no longer permeated the area. Now a smell can still be noticed if smelling right in the correct area. I would love to do something about it before we tiled the floor!

In areas that have a wood subfloor I have gotten rid of cat ordor by sealing in with BIN or other similar sealers. I had hoped that I would be able to put down a BIN or some other primer on the floor to seal in the issue, but that doesn't seem advisable since tile might not adhere to that area. (I have ZERO tiling experience, so that is what I have read so far)

Is there anyway I can seal a smell into the concrete and still tile over the area without the risk of the smell returning?