I have a one story house. After purchasing, I found that the house constantly floods due to the village drainage problems. Drainage problems have been somewhat fixed, but our house is crumbling around us! Walls and ceilings are cracked and feet have went through floors in two spots so far. We don't have the money to pay a contractor. And I still owe a mortgage. My fiancé is real handy. However, the WHOLE floor needs replaced. All joices are rotted and I thought there was a slab. We cut openings in the floor and most you can barely fit your arm into. With NO room under house .. What are our options. We thought about cutting house off at the base and putting steel beams to lift it up while we rebuild floors. But with no experience and the condition of the house.. Worried it will just fall apart. Also, have a breezeway and attached garage that were added on at a different level, therefore the roof would have to be cut. PLEASE HELP! We are not going to stay here much longer (1-2 more years). There is no way we could get it sold or even use it as a rental in this condition. When we do this it needs to be ventilated well under the house. At this point if a DRY towel or anything is left on the floor for even an hour.. It gets wet with condensation because we have so much moisture. I know we have mold issues, but can't solve anything until we can figure a solution for the floors and ventilation. Please help with any solutions!