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    I'll probably get some grief on this, but oilless compressors are great for homeowners and light duty work, and by light duty, I mean on a more occasional basis, like a few hours a week. Home owners are less likely to perform the needed PM on things like this. Its like the lawnmower that quits after 5 or 6 years and the oil that came with it new is still in the engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A. Spruce View Post
    First, stick with good quality name brands, that will exclude anything with the Ryobi on it. I've never heard of California Air Tools, it is likely a cheap, rebranded something or other, I would want to know the manufacturer before purchase.
    This brand appears to be pretty good, based on the reviews. Leaning toward this 4610A. Two tank, 4.6gal, oil-less, quiet. Very well rated. Made by GMC generators. $198 @ HomeDepot.

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    think Oiled compressor is better

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    Either type compressor is fine if you find a name brand for a good price. If you use it during cold times you'll want the oil free. The oil type requires about 25 degree F to start. However, once you get them going, they run fine all day.

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