I have a bathroom fan on the ceiling of master bath. For years I have had no issues with the fan leaking, last winter the fan leaked water once, no problems over the summer. This fall/winter however the problem is recurring more frequency.


I do not know where the fan vents to, it does not vent to the roof, or through an exterior wall. I assume it vents via the ridge or gable vent, I do not have an accessible attic.

I pulled the fan out of the housing and was able to verify the leak is inside the vent pipe, so I can safly eliminate a supply line, or a roof leak. I am guessing the water is condensation.


What I do not understand, is what has changed in the house to cause this problem? Could the vent be blocked on the exhaust side?

The only major change I have made to the house was replacing all the windows on the floor below the master bath, the master bath windows are older single pane windows.

I would appreciate any advice you could provide.