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    Default not enough hot water

    i currenly have a fairly new 40 gallon gas fired hot water tank in my home.
    since i live alone, you would think when i come home from work, i could take a nice hot shower or bath, but there is never enough hot water.
    i was told that the water in the tank cools during the day when no one is using water, and all i need to do is install a hot water insulating blanket made to keep the water from cooling so much.
    the problem with this remedy is that the operator's manual says not to use a insulating blanket on this tank.

    can anyone give me any suggestions?????? the tank is only about 4 yrs old and in a heated basement.

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    Default Re: not enough hot water

    the water in the tank is kept at a constant temperature all the time. it doesn't cool when you go to work. there are a couple of possibilities. one is that the temperature on your tank is set too low. you can easily adjust it, there should be a knob down at the bottom of the tank for the temperature settings. another possibility is that your shower mixing valve might not be operating properly. it could be partially blocked.

    a good way to test this is to run the sink on only hot for a few minutes and test the temperature. it should be between 115-120 degrees. if the temp is less than that you can adjust the temp on the tank. if the temp is fine, you should call in a plumber to check out your shower valve.

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    Default Re: not enough hot water

    MLB is correct, but let me just add this:

    If your heater is in a heated basement, you don't need a blanket around it.

    I keep water heaters set at 115 F. Most folks don't need the water any hotter than that.

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    Default Re: not enough hot water

    I'd also flush the hot water tank. If you have a thick layer of sediment, silt, rust, or scale at the bottom. It never hurts to flush the tank.

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    Default Re: not enough hot water

    Two other possibilities, 1- the hot and cold lines on the WH are reversed and 2-the dip tube has fallen off or is broken,\.

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