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    Default Kitchen Cabinets

    I live in Lakecrest community in Katy, TX and our house was built by Village Builders in 2005.

    We just noticed that our kitchen cabinets are coming away from the wall. In one area it has separated about 2 inches. It also appears that they were not installed correctly.

    The house is only 7 years old. It doesn't seem that if the cabintes were installed correctly this would not be happening.

    Is the buillder liable in this situation?

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    Default Re: Kitchen Cabinets

    Possibly, but good luck getting them to do anything about it. Standard warranties are for 1 year, beyond that and it's all on you.

    I would just reattach the cabinets, use screws and make sure you're going into studs/framing in the wall. Unload the cabinets first, of course, then you should be able to carefully draw the cabinets back up into place. If you are not handy, then hire someone to do it for you. It's not that big of a job to do.
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    Default Re: Kitchen Cabinets

    Look up some YouTube videos on installing kitchen cabinets. Usually we use cabinet screws (yes they are different) driven through the upper 2-3" of the cabinet into wall studs.

    The cabinets should also be screwed together through the frames.

    Got pics?

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    Default Re: Kitchen Cabinets

    Both good answers.

    When it comes to cabinet screws - these screws are made for cabinets. Don't use drywall screws, they might fail. And make sure they go into the studs. Each cabinet doesn't need many screws, but it needs to be attached to studs.

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    Default Re: Kitchen Cabinets

    Can you post the image here..

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